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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Wed 27th Feb 2013

Just a quickie post for now, its 5:30 am Wed morning and I still haven't been to sleep, since stopping Clindamycin on 26th and starting Keflex, my body is really  struggling, I'm exhausted, hot / cold, headache and legs are burning again and painful, but so far no actual cellulitis attack woohoo :). Just finding it impossible to sleep longer than 1/2 hr at a time if that, so for now, just resting with legs up till I just fall asleep.

Back later with some photos from my birthday night plus the photo of the day pictures

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  1. Hope you've been able to sleep by now. I know only too well how lack of sleep messes with you in every way.


  2. Sorry Chick, I didn't pop over sooner, I would have wished you HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope you actually got some sleep... ya poor bugger. {{{HUGS}}}


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