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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Thu 28th Feb

Rain, rain and more rain, still stinking hot though.

Been having some lovely online 3 am chats with my nephew's girlfriend Jess and I am so proud of her, she's working nights and in between doing things, she's popping online and checking up on me, such a sweetie and I have gotten to know her a lot better.  Currently she's also studying for Cert 4 in Disabilty.

Today's photo challenge was "upside down" and Toni decided to show off how flexible she is by hanging upside down on the arm chair lol very funny and great photo opportunity for me :). Thanks Toni!

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  1. it's hot in nz too ... but sadly no rain here ... not rained for a whole month now :( garden's not happy about it

  2. I want some of your rain!
    Toni Maree... you are a nutter! An upside down one at that!


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