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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Friday 30th November - Weigh Day

Fri 30th Nov

Original Weight:
233.2 kg (2010)
Last week's Weight: 208.2 kg
Current Weight: 208.2 kg
Weekly Weight loss: -1.4 kg
Overall loss: -26.4 kg

Last day of Spring, then it's fast track to Christmas and New Year, this year has been a complete blur to me, sorta glad to see it end and bring in new beginnings, sad to see 2012 end and with it certain memories and feelings.

Anyway, enough of that, today I weighed in and lost 1.4 kg woohoo :) AND as a family, we all lost total of -3.1 kg, yay, go us LOL :) 

Toni lost 0.7 and Michael lost 1.0 kg, not bad at all.

Went to gym today, bloody hot though, 39+ degrees and we sweltered driving there and back, thank god though the gym was air conditioned and when we got home, both air conds (lounge room and mine) were doing their job nicely, so didn't take long to cool down afterwards.

Felt good though at gym, Mel is really committed to helping me and boy she made me sweat hard through our boxing workout today - loved it though :)

Our new dishwasher is definitely making itself at home LOL, kids are using it and I'm finally getting some order back into my kitchen and my plans for total organisation of the kitchen cupboards, fridge / freezer etc are all coming to fruition.

In case I haven't said before, my mum (and my brother in law, my niece and nephew) are all coming to my place Christmas day for dinner and that's a really big deal in a couple ways and for us (kids and me) we have to really plan what we need to do leading up to Christmas in preparing the house etc for this..

I'll explain tomorrow LOL it will all make sense, I'm just so tired tonight I think I'll head off to bed early and get some rest (sleep, wake up in 1.5 hours, then have to wait till pain killers kick in and legs stop hurting as much then fall asleep for another 1.5 hours no more then do all over again, my typical night, I'm lucky if I get 4 hours a night unfortunately, but I'm used to that, cept lately I'm just not catching up at all)


  1. Congrats on the weight loss, and a nice way to spend Christmas :)

  2. Good loss anne well done and to toni and michael as well ...go the three musketeers***
    Awesome that the family are comming for christmas but remember they are your family so dont stress too much they love you unconditionally
    Have a great day and im glad the dishwasher is being used :)

  3. Great plans. Hope you did get some rest lasr night. Not sleeping makes everything so much more difficult.

    30' Hmmmm I don't think I want that hot but I'm certainly over cold winds. Decided to grow a veggie garden this year and we've had nothing but cold wind. Murphy's Law kicked in somehow.

    Anyway wishing us all a better year starting today... even if it's not New Year's Day. *smiles*



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