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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Saturday 1st December

Dec is now here, first day officially Summer and boy was it hot! Was over 39.0 degrees most of the day with frequent rolls of thunder late afternoon but no real storms to help break the humidity, hopefully in next few days we will have one hell of a storm to help cool things down for a while.

Today though I slept so much as I was in some intense pain in my right leg which was frustrating as I had / was hoping to organise plans etc for the coming weeks before Christmas, oh well, such is my life.

Nothing much else to report, see, my blog is SO boring compared to others sigh, hmm.

Am on track though, exercising, drinking plenty water and started taking my multi vitamin tablet today too, the tablet is HUGE though eeek, but I managed to swallow it without gagging, yeah, go me!

Ok that's me for today :)

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