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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Thu 9th Aug

Back in the land of the living, I think.

Another attack of cellulitis, this time quite a bad episode, but thankfully I was put on the max doses of clindamycin antibiotics, plus panadol and painkillers with the agreement that if I was still in pain to increase to two tablets 4 x daily (I get knocked out at one, so wasn't looking forward to seeing what 2 do to me, but the pain was so intense but I have to admit, I chickened out on taking two)

Anyway the doctor banned me from gym this week (sad) and I am drinking so much water that I am feeling very bloated, but I have to drink this much when sick to help float the toxins out of my body from the stagnant lymph / excess protein fluid that builds up in my legs from the lymphoedema which then leads to cellulitis which then leads to me being very sick for days emptying my body out of all the bad stuff then back to being normal for a while then rinse and repeat basically.

Not looking forward to weighing in tomorrow, but part of the cycle of my life unfortunately.

Good news is hopefully that is LOL the Fusion people were meeting today for their review of pending renovation cases they have in front of them for disabled funding and my case was due to be heard (cross fingers)

I do hope we got approved!  Can't wait to hear :(

Had my online class last night but couldn't attend as I was in la la land :( and I'm only allowed out of bed for max 1 hr at a time so feeling pretty frustrated but so tired.

Dr was pleased to see me though yesterday even tho I was sick, she was glad to hear I was on top of my thyroxine and scheduled me in for blood tests next week after I get over this little set back.

She was however a little worried about the ferocity of this episode as it did come on so strong so fast and really knocked me for six.. .oh well.

I know I'm all over the place sorry, my mind is mush and I'm just typing as I think and ohhhh I put up on FB some photos from me in bed showing how gorgeous it was outside (that I could see from in bed LOL), having my blinds wide opened and my front door (that leads into my room) wide opened too, sunshine and cool breeze, what a combo, really perked my spirits up as I was feeling so down yesterday / today, hate feeling so sick, scares me each time that this might be the time the infection gets into my bloodstream and well, I'll leave it there.

Ok, tired now, been what 10 mins up and I'm already exhausted.

Love to hear from you all on FB or here.. I can answer msgs from my phone so please msg this poor old sick lonely miserable hahah LOL ok.. just msg me LOL :)


  1. Oh u poor bugga wish i was closer so i could come and give you a big hug chin up anne keep fighting the good fight

  2. [[[[Hugs]]]]

    Not much fun for you. Good to see you back again.


  3. Like Donna said...wish I was closer so I could give you a hug.

  4. Same here, sweet pea! Just want to give you a hug. You are doing so well with your tenacity yet again.

    Love and take care, Penny xoxo


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