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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Fri 10th Aug

Previous weight: 199.6 kg | 439.1 lb
Current weight: 199.9 kg | 439.8 lb
Lost / Gained: +0.3 kg | -0.7 lb

2012 weight loss: -7.8 kg | -17.2 lb
Total overall loss: -33.3 kg | -73.3 lb

Woke up Mon or was it Tue ?morning full blown cellulitis attack (fevers, shakes, chills) the works, miserable and mostly out of things for next 24 hrs - tablets, sleep, toilet, tablets, sleep, toilet etc.. but Toni took me to the doctors for quick check up (condition of me not being put into hospital) and given more tablets and told to keep doing what we were doing - thanks kids as per usual, fantastic nurses both of you.

Doctor of course banned me from gym this week (sad) but I am complying without complaining too much LOL plus it gives my back plenty time to rest, actually it feels pretty good considering all the shaking I was doing for hours, maybe I tweaked it back into place?

Anyway, I felt a little better and weighed in on Friday afternoon - gained 300 grams which is pffft nothing - so moving on to new week - hopefully recovering completely quicker so I can go to gym next Thu LOL :)

Ok, I'm only allowed up for up to 1.5 hours then back to bed or chair, so I have some study I need to setup before I'm kicked off computer.

Night all :)  hmmm looking forward to fish and chips for dinner tonight yummy.

And big thanks to everyone who messaged me with hugs and best wishes... I really do appreciate that, thank you :) made me feel warm and fuzzy :)

Heard nothing yet regarding the renovations :(


  1. No, I don't think the marbles are stupid, what I do think is that you are a loving, kind person, who wants to make your mother happy. The only thing is that will you mother be upset about being at Lynne's house for her birthday celebration and Lynne not being there. I don't want to spoil your plans, but I don't want all your thoughts and efforts to not go perfectly for you all. Maggie

  2. Hi Anne, thanks for stopping by my blog. Hope everything is going well with you.

    Have a great weekend.


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