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Friday, August 3, 2012

Fri 3rd Aug - Weigh Day

Previous weight: 197.5 kg | 434.5 lb
Current weight: 199.6 kg | 439.1 lb
Lost / Gained: +2.1 kg | -4.6 lb

2012 weight loss: -8.1 kg | -17.8 lb
Total overall loss: -33.6 kg | -73.9 lb
Went to gym yesterday (Thu) and must have overdone it a fair bit as my back by last night was killing me, hurt to even get up and roll over, let alone walk, arrggh but by today (morning) it felt almost normal, so decided to go ahead and go to gym as it was my boxing session and I so did not want to miss that.

So took it easier and did lots of stretches as per Mel's instruction and will continue to stretch throughout tonight.

Now for weigh in results, - gained 2.1 kg this week.  Not happy it's a gain, BUT I am ok about it as I know it's probably my body just catching up with all the huge losses I have done over the past few weeks.

To put it in perspective, over the past 4 weeks I have lost 9.6 kgs (avg: 2.4 kg per week) and that's not a bad average at all.

Plus there are other things to be positive about: I am able to get in and out of the car a little easier, plus my legs aren't as squished once I'm in the car, plus I have lost cm's around my stomach, thighs and legs (I measure for my lymphoedema)

AND even though I'm feeling extremely tired all the time, at least my thyroxine seems to be working and further blood tests next week will help determine what dosage I might need to go on plus iron supplements etc.

So, I'm ok about the gain :)

Refocusing on new week, working out food plans and shopping, plus still limiting my not so good foods as per usual (even though I have the points, I am preferring to eat quality over quantity)

Anyway, enough rambling, I've just downloaded heaps of Clive Cussler Ebooks and I'm going to sit in comfy chair, warm room and read :)


  1. Sorry you had a gain but you have a great attitude. Being in this for the rest of our lives means having a good attitude is so important.

    Being able to get out and go to the gym must help a lot, especially how you feel about things in general.

    I'm enjoying watching the Olympics. Athletes are uch gutsy people.


  2. Awesome news, no not the gain, but that you are finding it easier to get in and out of the car...you can enjoy your outings :-)

  3. I hope you are still in bed missy!
    Hang in there... I am thinking of you often.


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