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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Sat 28th July

In celebration of my over 10.0 kg loss, Michael and I went to see the movie "Batman" at the theatre (Toni was over at her boyfriend's place and they went to see it at same time as us lol) and it was fantastic - plus I could sit in one of the chairs which made it so much more comfortable for whole movie than my wheelchair!

Then we went home and Michael said he'd make us lunch (hotdogs), put the pot of water on the stove to boil (I was in my room) then after few minutes, I could hear crackling and smell smoke, first thought was, "shit, he's boiled the pot dry" but then he yelled out "fire" and I bolted out my room and yep, flames were coming from the top of the stove, quite high and the smoke was almost so thick you couldn't see.

I asked if it was electrical and he said he didn't think so but he had on top of the stove my electric frying pan plus plastic, cardboard / rubbish etc and when he turned the element on, he put the one under the frying pan, wrong one duh! and it all caught alight and whoosh, flames, smoke, one very very embarrassed and apologetic son.

I had gone off at him I don't know how many times for putting things on top of the stove as I have a more than paranoid fear of stove fires cause my kitchen / dining room were gutted years ago when the kids were babies due to faulty wiring at the back of the stove and I ended up having insurance have to repaint, recarpet, vinyl, new blinds etc throughout the house cause of smoke, fire and water / foam damage

So I was more than mad that this could have been avoided!  But a lesson learnt I guess, luckily, no flame damage, but lots of smoke has seeped into cupboards, walls etc behind and up above the stove and even though we've had all doors open pretty much all night, it's still extremely smoky still

Tomorrow we'll open up again and maybe get some sugar soap to wash down the walls, cupboards etc, not too sure what else to do, the element has burnt plastic etc cooked on it, so have to get that off too arrggghh.

Tell you what if I find anything on top of the stove again that's not part of something been cooked there and then, I'm grabbing it and throwing it in his room!

I did ring 000 as I was scared the fire might get out of control and they said that was the right thing to do and said they'd come out and check it was out etc but they told Michael they wouldn't come with lights and siren LOL

Blow me down if they didn't turn up in the biggest fire truck LOL with 3 HOT firemen, 2 completely decked out in all the protective gear incl helmets LOL and marched up to the door LOL - Michael was SO embarrassed but serves him right!

They checked it all out, said we did good, Michael got a little talking to (we got busted for not having smoke alarm which again Michael had kept putting off putting it up (goest up tomorrow!) then they left.

So all in all, an eventful day - tiring and I'm a bit wheezy tonight with a really bad headache. got my fan on full and will be wrapping myself up in doona to go to sleep.

Stayed on points, tracked and NO snacks at the pictures either - good eh? :)


  1. Hope you are feeling better this morning... and bugger about the fire, hopefully a lesson learnt :)

  2. Sometimes disaster is the only way to learn. Glad it was a minor fire.


  3. Glad all okay, hope the smoke smell lingering doesn't cause any health issues.

    Well done on the 10k loss...awesome hun xx

  4. I wish the firemen had put their siren and lights on... that would have been even funnier!
    I hope you have managed to get most of the smoke smell out by now.


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