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Friday, August 17, 2012

Fri 17th Aug - Weigh Day

Previous weight: 199.9 kg | 439.8 lb
Current weight: 199.9 kg | 439.8 lb
Lost / Gained: -0.5 kg | -1.1 lb

2012 weight loss: -8.3 kg | -18.3 lb
Total overall loss: -33.8 kg | -74.4 lb

500 gram loss this week thank you very much :) 

Stopped antibiotics yesterday (ran out and decided it was time to stop anyway) so hoping that I have fully recovered from this bout (cross fingers)

Went to gym yesterday for my weights session which was very hard, then went back today for my boxing session which was insane!

Mel (trainer) actually made me cry during workout which was funny LOL I was working so hard that when it came to rest 30 secs, for some reason I was bawling but I don't know why? LOL

Did she let up on me?.. Hell no! lol :)  Was a great workout and looking forward to relaxing over the weekend.

Toni by the way lost 2.1 kg this week, go her!  She's doing really well going to gym twice week with me and making healthier choices for herself in regards to what she eats and drinks which is fantastic, very proud of her.

We're planning on going up to my mum's up the Central Coast Sun week as it's her 80th birthday.  I know after my sister died, mum refused to even celebrate her birthday and made me promise not to do anything this year (my sister was actually planning a big party but of course we've put all that aside)

But, my brotherinlaw and I decided that we all needed to be together if not on the actual day (which is Thu) if the kids and I came up on Sun before, we are going to pick mum up for "afternoon tea" which I've already ok'ed with her, but what she doesn't know is we're then going to drive her up to my sister's place and John (Lynne's husband) is going to make dinner (he's over the moon about showing us he can cook LOL) and my niece and nephew will be there too.. so not a big celebration but just a nice family dinner

Do you think she'd be upset with me for this?  I know she said no big deal, but it's her 80th and I'm sure Lynne would be pretty pissed off if I let it go without any sort of celebration?

Also, Mum and I have a running joke with mum always saying she's losing her marbles and me always responding with "I'll buy you a bag then " LOL

Well, I bought a bag of marbles to give her.. I want to make her smile.. and I know she has everything she needs, and I will be buying her a gift voucher at he favourite Christian Bookstore, but I thought the marbles would be something she and I would share the meaning of?.. Again, do you guys think it's stupid?

Yawnnnn I'm so tired, I might head off early..

Let me know what you guys think :) thanks..


  1. Congrats on the loss and love the idea of the marbles :)

  2. `Yahoo for another loss.

    The marbles will make her smile. Good idea.

    One thing I have found is that I don't want a big fuss for my birthday and any other celebrations right now, if ever again. I'm trying not to freak out over the thought of Christmas. No sense worrying now but it is in the back of my mind.

    I think your idea is perfect and your mother will appreciate your thoughtfulness. At this time, after so much sadness, the key is to build some happy memories..... not ones that will stress any of and especially your mother.

    This year I am doing my best to avoid large family gatherings. There is a 40th birthday celebration planned by one of my nieces. I am so glad we had already booked to be in the South Island at the time, so there will be no embarrassment when we say, 'Thanks but we cannot come.'

    Your mother will delighted and you will have a lovely day catchng up.


  3. Congratulations on the loss, and go Toni!

    Marbles are a wonderful idea, and the gesture will make her smile. After my aunt passed away 8 years ago, we had a birthday afternoon tea for my cousin (her son) and I gave him a pom pom - on a whim I stayed up the night before and made it for him. It had significance for us because when he was a teenager and his friends all had fluffy dice in their cars (in the eighties) I used to make him a pom pom for his car every Christmas (I was at primary school then). Apparently he would say to his friends "I don't need fluffy dice - I have my cousin Penny's pom poms". I was very proud of that.

    It made him smile when he was in the middle of his grief when I gave him another one 20 years later.

    Take care Anne! Penny xo

  4. Also on that note, I often leave my trolley in the supermarket while I go off to find things and then find myself thinking to myself "I've lost my trolley!" Same sentiment. Sometimes I am sure I am going bonkers!

  5. Well done on the loss...and well done too Toni :-)

    And love the idea of the marbles, I am sure it will make your mum smile :-)

  6. I am sure your Mum will appreciate your visiting, turning 80 is not to be ignored!
    The marbles... well she might cry, but I think it's a sweet idea.

  7. Thinking of you tonight. Hope you are well.

    May God be close to you and touch you with his healing love. [[[hugs]]]



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