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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Thu 6th Sept

waves madly to everyone

I'm still here, just struggling really badly at moment physically as my legs have both swollen to the point I am unable to get into the car again for the past week.

Pain as you can imagine with the skin stretching so much and so much fluid is excruciating and I am on hourly pain meds, so pretty much out of things.

Luckily my Dr has been fantastic, she's been in contact with me via phone (unfortunately she's not allowed to do house calls but she approves scripts over the phone and my daughter picks them up from the medical centre) and on Fri, Toni is going in to see her and report in on my progress as Dr DeVera has now upped my antibiotics and issued more painkillers etc to see if we can start decreasing the sheer size of my legs and fluid.

It's like lifting bags of cement and trying to walk, even a few steps out of bed to the bathroom is agony and you wouldn't be in a rush either believe me as it takes me FOREVER to get there :(

BUT enough doom and gloom, I just wanted to update and let you know I'm still around, on computer via bed and iphone, so please drop me a message, have a chat, txt me whatever :) just feels good to still touch base with you all

Plus, been beautiful weather too so kids have been opening the blinds and front door in my room to let the sunshine and breeze in, again, just to make me feel less enclosed in and it's working... barely LOL

Sad thing is I have had to cancel gym last week and now again this week, :( but as Mel said, nothing stopping me from going back and doing my arm exercises etc in bed, so that's a definite thing I'll be doing.


  1. Sorry about your legs.

    You sound as though you are coping well with all the frustrations right now.

    Hope you are up and about before too long.


  2. omg thinkin of you missy those bloody legs will come down soon i hope. Get going with the arm exercises and enjoy the sunshine :)

    donna from work :)

  3. waving badly back at ya...

    Thanks for the update....hang in there hun. Do those arm excersises and hopefully it won't be long before you up and off tot he gym again. xx

  4. Goddam bloody legs! I wish I could wave a magic wand and zap them damn things back to 'normal' for you. I hate that they stop you doing so much. And the pain, I don't know how you manage to still stay sane with the constant pain... your pain tolerance must be AMAZING.
    I hope the Dr can do something to help decrease their size for you... or at least help with pain management a bit more.


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