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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Wed 18th Jul

Been a rough few days with the arrival of a very late "tom" but thankfully things are settling down again and the next thing will be to wait and see what happens next month.

Good thing is maybe the thyroxine is working? Can't wait till its time for blood tests to see.

Dinner tonight was lamb forequarters covered with salt reduced French onion soup mix and wrapped in alfoil with potato, sweet potato, pumpkin and carrots all wrapped individually in alfoil and cooked in the oven, steamed vegies on the side and voila very tasty and filling dinner indeed.

Tracking 100% enjoying writing everything down, gives me sense of control

I'm writing this again from iPhone and I'll see if I can post a pic again for you all.

If it works, it will be a pic they took of Darren & I when he was here last Sunday


  1. Dinner sounds lovely, and nice pic :)

  2. Just what I was going to say Jackie! Also, good to hear things are settling down re TOM. I need the control of tracking back - I am thinking a fresh start this weekend.

    Penny xo


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