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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Thu 19th Jul

Went to the gym this afternoon, fitted in car better than the other day, so that's a major plus, also "tom" is almost gone, so that too is really good, just have to see if I get them again next month.

At gym, Danielle told me that Mel had some boxing stuff ready for my next time I go which apparently is tomorrow? LOL - Toni has her new timetable for her Tafe classes this coming semester starting next week, so we're going to go to gym on Thu and Friday's all going well.

Which means, tomorrow is BOXING :)  I'm so so excited to be doing this again and since Mel is a qualified boxing instructor, I'm really looking forward to tomorrow.

Apart from the cold, was a beautiful sunny blue sky day today, gorgeous to be out in the car too, thanks Toni as always for taking me.

Food wise 100% again, this tracking caper I enjoy go figure LOL - dinner tonight was curried sausages with roasted vegetables and steamed vegetables - filling, healthy and very tasty.

Legs have been up and down as usual, pins and needles in the feet but that soon wore off, so think I might have pinched a nerve in the leg unknowingly which considering I have lost a lot of feeling / sensation in parts of my legs isn't surprising.

But the blisters have been quite soft tonight, not as full with lymph fluid as usual and that means less pain which is always a major plus :)

Ok, rest time for me, so looking forward to tomorrow :)

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  1. oh Wow! You have come such a long way in a few short weeks. It was an awful struggle to get through to where you are now. How I love the happiness in your writing voice.

    All the best with boxing.



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