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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tue 17th Jul

Been a quiet weekend, with one exception, after 3 months or so, my periods returned on Sun with a vengeance, obviously the thyroxine is starting to work (crosses fingers) and this is the first sign - though I don't like "tom" LOL it was reassuring to have it return as I was starting to think I was heading for menopause.

Oh and Darren didn't text or call, typical, I had my hopes up I have to admit, but nothing, I have txted him but nothing either, so here we go again, hope it's not another 5 years before I hear / see him again?  Least at the moment his phone is still connected this time round.

Food / tracking 100% and I have not forgotten my thyroxine either every morning like clockwork :)  (helps I have a pill tracker on my iphone that keeps track of all my medications and times etc, comes in very handy when I go on clindamycin etc)

Spoke to Vish my OT today and the plans for the new bathroom should be arriving this week or early next week for my signature - wooohoo, then we wait for the disability board to meet on 9th Aug for final approval then it's off to builders for quotes (they choose 3 to go with and narrow it down from there)

Can't wait :)  Big changes ahead, that's what I'm focusing on now, nothing else.

Back later hopefully with round up of today.


  1. Great news about the bathroom plans being in motion, and the lack of menopause, although I get you re TOM!

    Sorry to hear about your son, and I hope you do hear from him again soon.

    Take care, Penny xo

  2. Sorry to hear about the son, but hopefully it won't be 5 years till you see him again.

    I need a alert to remind me to take my tabs...some days I just forget.


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