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Friday, July 13, 2012

Fri 13th Jul - Weigh Day

Previous weight: 209.2 kg | 460.2 lb
Current weight: 204.1 kg | 449.0 lb

Lost / Gained: -5.1 kg | -11.2 lb

2012 weight loss: -3.6 kg | -7.9 lb
Total overall loss: -27.1 kg | -59.6 lb

After buckling down the past couple months and eating back up to points again (was hardly eating since my birthday / my sister's passing), exercising when I could, my weight was just not budging and in fact with the increased volume of fluid in my legs, I was just getting heavier, more in pain and frustrated.

But after taking my doctor's advice, I started taking thyroxine 2 weeks ago and we doubled my Vit D tablets as well.

Last week of course, was another gain and I just cried and cried, but my doctor did tell me it takes up to 3 weeks for thyroxine to kick in and even then because I"m on the lowest dose, there could be lots of tweaking amounts with each lot of blood tests, so she told me to not stress out if things didn't turn around quite yet.

So, in another 4 weeks, I'm going back for more blood tests to see if I need more thyroxine and if my levels in Vit D have improved and if my iron and Vit B12 still are at good levels  -  so I am prepared for this to take some time but at least we're working on all parts of my health which is a good thing.

Exercise this week I did make it to gym once, the legs were not quite as swollen so I could fit in the car, just, but because they are so lop sided in weight, it threw my back out and that screwed me up for the rest of the week - sigh.

BUT I did track as per usual 100%, I don't mind tracking and if I forget something, Toni is very quick to put it in for me LOL :)

AND I did lose 5.1 kg this week :)


  1. 5.1 x encouragement = priceless.

    Here's hoping the next week goes well.


  2. woohoooo how encouraging that must have been for you. Hope you can out to another Curves session sometime soon x

  3. That's great news Anne - just the boost you needed I hope! Well done, and good to see something (whatever it is) is paying off and not being completely overrun by your other medical issues.

    I forget that part of the WW equation is eating enough - must get back to it.


  4. Awesome loss!
    Keep plugging away mate, it can only get better.


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