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Friday, July 20, 2012

Fri 20th July

Previous weight: 204.1 kg | 449.0 lb
Current weight: 202.2 kg | 444.8 lb

Lost / Gained: -1.9 kg | -4.2 lb

2012 weight loss: -5.5 kg | -12.1 lb
Total overall loss: -32.6 kg | -71.7 lb

Boxing boxing boxing, had a ball of a time at gym today, but so exhausted afterwards and unfortunately by later tonight my legs were killing me, but took and Endone, writing this really quickly and heading off to bed.

Weigh in results - LOST 1.9 kg this week :) - two weeks of losses must admit though, was really nervous today, but it helped going to gym first then weighing in.

Couple things I'm changing from my weigh day regime in the past, firstly I am eating breakfast and lunches before weighing in the afternoon, secondly, I am now going to be weighing in earlier, used to be round 6.00 pm or so, now I'm going to do it after I get back from gym, so gym then home about 3 - 3.30 pm and weighing then, little changes, but I want to establish a healthier weigh day routine than I used to.. which I have to admit was eat nothing, drink nothing all day till after weighing in.  (I still kept within points, just spread them out over the night)

Stupid I know, but now I'm hoping to establish this new routine which I have done for the last 2 weeks.

Points wise / tracking 100% again this week, very happy with that, plus gym 2 times as well.

Legs are not too bad considering either, have to find some sort of non greasy moisturising cream for my legs to help prevent skin cracking and softening the areas that have become hardened due to the disease - any suggestions please feel free to message me here or on FB - warning, I do have very sensitive skin due to excema plus I bruise very easily as well (some creams over time cause the skin to be bruised more easily and I need to avoid those)

Had a long talk with my mum tonight which I really needed and enjoyed, she helped me put into perspective some things with my son which was comforting to hear - a major breakthrough between her and I :)

Ok tablets kicking in, I'm off to sleep hopefully, see you all on here later tomorrow or on FB - drop me a line there, I'd love to hear from you.. gets lonely sometimes.

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  1. Hi Anne. A reader of my blog directed me to these people. It sounds very helpful.


    I didn't think their skincare products were too expensive either.

    Glad you enjoyed the boxing.



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