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Friday, July 27, 2012

Fri 27th July - Weigh Day

Previous weight: 202.2 kg | 444.8 lb
Current weight: 197.5 kg | 434.5 lb

Lost / Gained: -4.7 kg | -10.3 lb

2012 weight loss: -10.2 kg | -22.4 lb
Total overall loss: -42.8 kg | -94.2 lb

3 weeks in a row people :) I am so happy I can't tell you .. I honestly thought getting on the scales there'd be a gain and I was already ok about that as I know my history of big losses followed by small gains, up and down etc, but nope, 5.1 kg then 1.9 kg then 4.7 kg - 3 weeks in a row!

OK , enough of that.. back to business, I now go down in points again this week to 62 which is WW's default daily points balance for my size.  But I have been actually eating up to 10 pts less daily than that over the past 3 weeks and that seems to have been what my body needed, I'm eating more than enough to sustain me and keep me full and that's the main thing.

Today I had my boxing session with Mel at Curves and she whooped my ass literally!  I was sweating buckets within the first 10 mins and the next 20 or so after that was a blur - she wanted to see how far I could go and kept upping the ante on me and the sad thing was?  I ENJOYED IT :)

I loved it so much and she really seemed to like working me out so hard that we've made it a permanent booking @ 2.00 pm every Friday - YAY go me.. I love boxing in case you can't tell :)

So Thur will be my weights session and Fri my boxing :)  Can't get better than that.

I promised some people that I would reluctantly put up some photos of my new / old hair colour.. I was really white blonde till bout 13 yrs then ash blonde till I was pregnant at 15, then my hair just got darker and darker.. so we decided since Toni wanted to make my hair look as young as I am hahaha (her words LOL - not the haha that's me LOL) - I said on condition I just went back to ash blonde, no more blonder than that and I have to say, I think she did an ok job :)

Pity I look so old LOL oh well.. she wants me to cut my hair too to shoulder length?.. I'm not too sure about that, though I have noticed since I've been taking Thyroxine these past what is it 5 weeks?  my hair has become thicker, healthier and shinier - go figure?  Looks like Thyroxine has done a lot for my body which is fantastic.

Ok, I have updated Weight Records page and Milestone page (links up top) and I can't wait to see what happens in the coming weeks, I'm close to getting my 100 lbs milestone back and then 50 kgs back too - can't wait :)

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  1. Your hair looks lovely. Very pretty and so shiny.

    You are making a difference. Must be doing something good. Maybe it's because you're having fun with boxing. *smiles*



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