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Friday, July 6, 2012

Fri 6th Jul - Weigh Day

Ok, quick post as I'm feeling pretty frustrated tonight - weighed in and gained again this week, 1.0 kilos, which is leading me to that ever higher number and I just don't know why? 

I have done everything right for the last two weeks religiously, tracked, within points but nada.

Yes, I know the legs are the heaviest they've been but I just can't get my head around the numbers on the scales.

I can't get into the car for any length of time which means going to gym has been a real issue for me right now, I might get in the car and get there, but coming home could be a real problem as the leg swells up I am unable to fit in the car and shut the door properly.

For the first time Toni was really comprehending how I was feeling in respect to doing it all right and still gaining.  Especially when she has been losing the last two weeks, we're eating same things, same amounts but vastly different results,

So she sat down and we talked frankly about it all and came up with a game plan for the next two weeks, if then there are no changes, I will see my doctor.

I have been taking my thyroxine all this week without dramas, so hopefully they will kick in in another week or so.  One thing I have noticed is I haven't had time of month since April, could be stress after my sister's death (I did become sick with cellulitis then too) or a symptom of my thyroid problems, or even menopause?

We also took measurements from waist, upper thigh left & right plus above knee left & right and I'll be using them as a tool to measure how I'm going, the waist most of all as the leg ones we've mainly keeping a record of the lymphoedema fluid fluctuations, example is there is over 9 inches difference in the upper thigh of the left to the right leg (left being the worst one)

But I will add these measurements to here when I get back to my computer - at moment I'm out in lounge room with legs up using Toni's laptop while she's away at her game night.

Plus listening to Shania Twain at same time, I'm slowly relaxing and getting my determination and fire back, please don't worry bout me, I don't give up easily.


  1. Hi. Your low thyroid might have something to do with no period. As your body adjusts to the meds hopefully other things will return to normal.

    Ever thought of going 100% wheat free or even completely grain free. I know this is a radical solution but one that I think it would be worth you trying for at least 1 week.

    You would need to plan your meals beforehand and also be prepared to take a laxative. Not everyone needs a laxative but some of us do.

    You know I don't like making suggestions because I believe people like ourselves who have been on the weight loss thing for a while, have made a real effort to learn what works or doesn't work for them. I am so concerned about you and your health related difficulties I just had to present this idea.

    Hope you are not offended.

    I began to understand the science behind going grain fee after reading FatHead http://www.fathead-movie.com/

    Hope I haven't said all this previously. It's what I want to say everytime I read your health struggles.

    Keep up the good work. You know that eventually it will pay off.


  2. I just want to say I think it is great that you have talked so frankly to Toni, and that you have a plan. I can't imagine what it would be like to have so many complicating factors affecting your weight and therefore potentially your motivation, and you have a book's worth of them that are nothing to do with the effort you are making.

    The measuring in particular, plus talking to your doctor sound like a great start. Anything could be going on with your cycle - I suspect the stress and grief could be doing significant things in that respect.

    As usual, we are on your side and with you in spirit.

    Penny xo

  3. Glad giving up is not an issue Anne..keep at it girl.

    I have issues with my oroxine (thyroid) and find if I don't take tabs at the same time daily my metabolism is all over the place.

    In my thoughts always.


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