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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Thu 26th Jul

Sweet, went to gym today, had an awesome workout, yawned a lot though LOL god, can't wait to get the blood test done early Aug which hopefully will find a) my dosage of thyroxine is spot on and b) my iron levels are low (strange to want it to be not a good result, but would definitely explain all the tiredness and absolute blahness I'm feeling right now)

I feel like I did before I started taking my iron tablets a while ago and since my last blood test was normal in iron, my doctor ordered me to stop taking them for six weeks to see if any difference in the levels, well, I'm not sure bout the levels but I am sure about the effects :(  I don't mind going back on tablets if it gives me back my "up and go" feeling.

Tonight Toni decided to colour my hair again as she insisted that since I'm a "young" mummy, I needed to keep my hair looking young without grey hairs etc LOL so.. I decided to take my hair back to it's original colour which was ash blonde (I went darker after I had my first child).

I might put pictures up.. or I might not LOL not sure how I look actually sigh :)

Anyway, enough rambling, I'm actually off to bed before midnight shock horror LOL - hopefully tomorrow is BOXING :)

Food wise 100%
Tracking 100%
Water 100%
Exercise 30 mins


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  1. so you're really a blonde bombshell. Lol

    Have fun with Toni.



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