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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Tue 26th Jun

I went to the gym today :) Yep, was freezing, drizzling, did I say COLD? But we were determined to go and so off we went.

Was great!  Didn't do weights at all, did all the exercises minus the weights as it has been so long but I felt great afterwards and was good to just be back in the gym watching Toni going from machine to machine plus talking to all the ladies again was really nice, I had missed that.

Only drawback was when I went to get in the car, my right leg just was so swollen on inner thigh down to below knee that once I got in on the seat, the leg just pushed the left one so far to the left, I could hardly close the door :(  That scares me that if we had any sort of accident, there's no room between the door and my legs and the center console.

Also with the right leg so swollen round inner thigh especially, under the leg it squishes when I sit on the seat but then hangs down if that makes sense and after sitting for while in car when I go to get out, that part gets caught under the seat on the catch thing that slides the chair back?  Very painful and very heavy to try and lift the leg up off the seat and twist to left to get my legs out of car..

Needless to say once I got to gym, I was very concerned if I could get back in the car again, which thankfully I did, just, just had to really try and squeeze legs together enough to shut the door, then just grit teeth and put up with the pain til I got home, luckily I was able to manover myself out of the car without too much damage but I won't be rushing to go out anytime soon :(

Anyway, had a lovely lunch today of toasted egg, cheese sandwiches, very delish :)

Dinner tonight was lovely, but we ended up having it round 10.00 pm as both Toni and I slept for a while after gym LOL.

We had chicken schnitzel and sauce with roasted vegetables plus steam vegies, very yummy believe me :)

On track with 61/65 points and I earned 6 exercise points today as well.

Sore, tired, in pain, can't sleep, sigh...


  1. You are so determined. Glad you got out of the house.


  2. glad you had fun at the gym now rest up for the next adventure take care anne

  3. Onya for battling the odds once again and beating them! Xoxo

  4. Wow! I love your boxing pic in the sidebar! Hot mama! You are doing amazingly!

  5. Glad you managed Curves...hope you get there again sometime soon xx


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