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Monday, June 25, 2012

Mon 25th June

Day 3 on track and feeling quietly pleased with myself if I may say so :)  I know it's early days yet but for me, I'm going to just strive to string a whole lot of good days together and see what happens, but having said that, I'm prepared too with an emergency plan for those days I'm sick or in hospital again which is basically to continue tracking even if I only eat miniscule amounts, but to at least track it anyway to help form the habit again. 

My daughter tho will take over plugging it into the computer for me when I'm sick / hospital which is a real bonus, she's really keeping an eye on things for me which is fantastic.  She'll also keep this blog updated when I'm unable to which again is a great help.

Michael has been busy planning meals we can have that are point friendly too which is surprising LOL he usually doesn't worry about that part of things, but he agrees this needs to be a family effort for it to work this time for all of us.

My legs today for some reason have really swelled up to what they used to be months ago which is depressing and very painful (imagine your skin stretching so much overnight that it bulges out from your body, like forgive the analogy, but like sausage mince being put into it's casing and when you put too much in, it splits the skin, that's what it's like for my legs and there are minute splits in the skin which is where the lymphatic fluid weeps and where infections can breed) but so far have refrained from taking Endone (painkiller) as I really don't want to take them more than I need to because once they start wearing off the doctors want to put me on morphine permanently and that is NOT an option for me.
Anyway, enough doom and gloom, on track again today and it feels good :)

Had a lovely piece of porterhouse steak with bernaise sauce, steamed vegetables and lite pasta on side, delicious!!!!!

Sweets or supper was these cute muffin bars (sultana and choc chip varieties) that are 4 points each but they're so nice too and nicely portioned controlled too.

Later after writing this I'll have my nightly Ovaltine Light break for 2 points I think, (will check before having it - been a while since I've pointed sigh) but I have plenty of points left, so no problems.

Tomorrow is gym day! - Please please PLEASE let it be sunny outside and not too cold as I have to be careful going out in rain or extreme cold due to my lowered immune system grrrr.

Anyway, will fill you in tomorrow.

Night all :)


  1. Hope you get to the gym.... miserable day here weather wise a good day to stay in pj's and veg.

  2. OOOH! It's so good to see you back. It looks as though you have been preparing for this for a while as you have a Plan.


  3. Know what you mean re weather and immunity! Cold and rainy here, not used to that here in qld! Lol still in my jim jams!


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