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Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter 2012

Still here, but recovering from another cellulitis attack - doctor thinks my body is not coping with everything at the moment, my sister's passing, funeral, my mother and it's all gotten so hard to deal with right now.


Happy Easter though to all my supportive and loyal friends online, without your continuing support, encouragement I'd don't think I'd be here blogging again at all


  1. Hi Anne.

    Don't give up... as if.

    I know it is overwhelming right now. That's OK. You're allowed to feel like this. Give yourself permission to float a bit.

    My guess is that after all this time you eat fairly healthy food all the time even when not counting so stop worrying about food unless there are one or two things you think you should focus on. For instance I don't eat anything with wheat ... that's not quite true but it has kept me from going berserk and eating bread and cake and muffins. Not saying you do the same just choose something you know you can do and be consistent with. Everything else falls into place.

    Do some kind of exercise daily only don't call it exercise. Put on your favourite dance music and move as much or as little as you like. Even if you can only listen some days that's better than nothing and helps lift your mood.

    You are doing this for yourself .... To feel as well as you can ...
    not your sister, although she'd be proud of you,
    not for your children although they love you and want you around for a lot longer.

    Until we do this for ourselves and no-one else we aren't going to get it together fully. Family is motivation but you know how much you need to continue to succeed.

    You know how much better you feel when you are doing things well.

    I wish I could help more because I know that no matter how you feel as you read this You Are Going To Keep Going.

    This is Your Life.

    So float along for a bit looking after yourself and getting through each day as best you can. Grief can be cruel and it takes time to mend a broken heart.

    Anxiety for your mother is another issue and will change the way your body works. Take care. By looking after yourself you are doing the best thing you can to help your mother.

    Don't get frustrated with yourself. This is what it is. A season to live through and look back on as a time of re-adjustment.

    Hugs and Blessings.

  2. Happy Easter to you to anne and take each day as it comes thinking of you. You can beat this just take it easy and try to achieve 1 thing a day (((( big hugs))))

  3. One day at a time Anne.
    Hugs xx


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