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Sunday, April 1, 2012

1st April - Sun

Wow, April already - tomorrow would have been Dad's birthday :( and I know I'll have to ring mum, Lynne and I used to take turns in calling her on Dad's birthday as she (Mum) would always get teary and say how she wished she wasn't here but with him etc all the time which after 10 years is slightly draining to hear... so, Lynne, I know you're laughing where ever you are right now knowing that yep it's my turn tomorrow (sigh)

I weighed in on Fri just to have a number to start off with again as this year so far has been atrocious to say the least not weight wise, but health wise and losing my sister.

But I can't just sit back and hibernate, she would have hated that, so reluctantly, I have to pick myself up and get back into the game.

Starting with 20 mins on the Wii yesterday - Just Dance 2 - was tiring but oh so much fun, I have so missed my music lately.

Today was a flat day both emotionally and physically, just felt drained and out of puff so to speak - not sure why, maybe just getting through the days the best I know how.

Big storm here this afternoon, but as quickly as it came it was gone :( lol sorta like my mojo LOL



  1. Yes, the year is flying by so quickly.
    Anne, just do the best you can when you can...

  2. Yeah can't believe it is April already.... Good on you for doing the dance :)

  3. I hope the call to your Mum went well today?
    Feeling very flat myself as you know.
    hopefully tomorrow is better than today.

  4. Have a happy easter and hope that just because I am not doing WW that I am not with you on this. :) Will txt you over the weekend :)


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