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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

10th April - Tue

Quiet day today, went to gym this afternoon feeling pretty flat, but of course once there Mel (owner/trainer) was feeling FANTASTIC and decided today was the day she would ramp things up heaps with me and we ended up having a blast! :)

She just made things up on the fly for me to do and boy she made me sweat the whole 30 mins, with lots of different arm / stomach / core exercises with and without dumbells, then made me stand up / sit down over and over which I actually love as it's something relatively new that I can do more than once now (I used to and still do actually have to really plan getting up and moving as the pain is so intense every time I stand on my legs) but she was watching my face and as soon as it got intolerable she'd start me on something else sitting down.

Was feeling on such a natural high when we left - thanks Mel :)

Got a message later evening from my niece saying she had made some cupcakes and did we feel like an late evening visitor.. HELL yeah :) come on over Katie girl and sure enough couple hours later (she had to finish the cupcakes, they were and look darling) she arrived - was great to have her here.. actually as I write this she's asleep on the couch and staying the night.

She even made the little flowers - clever girl!
We had a really fun time the kids, Kate and I just sitting around chatting, I know I really needed that time with her and I so hope from here on, she knows she's welcome ANY time to just pop on over... and I hope that in turn I can help her too as I can see and feel how much she is hurting too right now.

So I will sign off for tonight and head off to bed earlier for me LOL and look forward to spending more time with Kate tomorrow - Oh and Toni is on holidays too so perfect timing! :)

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  1. Love the cupcake..

    Hope you had a wonderful time with Katie...I am sure you can help each other..

    ohhh and Anne, I am loving Curves. :-)


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