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Saturday, March 3, 2012

3rd Mar - Sat - Weigh Day (late)

Previous weight: 193.3 kg | 425.26 lb
Current weight: 192.5 kg | 423.50 lb

Lost / Gained: -1.4 kg | -3.08 lb

2012 weight loss: +1.9 kg | +4.18 lb
Total overall loss: -40.7 kg | -89.54 lb

Quick post to update weighing data - hopefully back in couple days when recovered from this last cellulitis flare-up.

Weighed today since yesterday I was too sick to stand


  1. Fingers crossed your latest flare up settles down fast! WEll done on the loss this week.

  2. Awesome loss!

    You seem to struggle each week with losses and gains.[like the rest of us] What did you do to lose that large amount of weight you have? Was that a steady loss? If so, what was the difference between then and now?

  3. Hope you up and about and feeling better soon.

    Well done on your loss. xx


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