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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

28th Feb - Tue

Daily Tracking

Daily Pts Used: 67/60
Weekly Pts Used: 7/49
Exercise Pts: 6

Gym today :) smashed out 30 mins of arm exercises with and without dumbells at Curves, definitely felt the burn, thanks Wendy :)

Extremely hot day today too with a tease of thunderstorms but nada, nothing, just hot hot hot.  Maybe tomorrow?  They did say that it was the hottest day this summer?  Interesting.

Dinner tonight was lovely, fresh quiche lorraine with creamy pasta and potato salad plus lettuce, cherry tomatoes, carrots and fat free french dressing, very nice indeed.

Plus dessert was my favourite, 2 mini pavlova nests with 1 slice low fat icecream, diet choc topping and whipped aerosol cream - mmmmm.

Here's a pic from our trip up to the Central Coast on my birthday (Sat 25th)
Toni & I

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