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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

7th Mar - Wed

I'm currently up the Central Coast with my kids staying at Mum's.

My big sister who has battled and won breast cancer recently found out that the cancer had returned and spread to her back, liver, lung and as of two weeks ago her hip

Two weeks ago they stopped chemo as it hadn't slowed the cancer and that was why I wanted to spend my birthday with her and the whole family.

But as of Sat she suddenly worsened and went downhill so fast it's taken us all by surprise and the doctors have said we would be lucky if she is still here end of this week

So we are spending time together with all the family at my sister's home where she is since she is in no pain we are looking after her at home in familiar surroundings

My niece Kate and my nephew Andrew have been wonderful and Lynne's husband John is such a loving caring man who is looking after her so beautifully

It is so hard seeing my darling sister in bed wasting away before our eyes, she hasn't eaten or drank since Friday, sleeping nearly all the time and when awake not comprehending but she has these moments when it all comes clear for a moment and tonight was one time. I was about to leave for a break and we were all in the room just gently talking to each other when suddenly her voice piped up calling my name not once but twice and she opened her eyes and looked right at me before she fell asleep again

Precious memory.

Kids are worried about me and my legs bless them but right now I can't focus on me

So it's late I'm tired but scared to sleep in case we get a phone call


  1. My thoughts are with you anne big hugs to you and yours

  2. Love and biggest [[[HUGS]] to you and your family xx

  3. Anne I am so sorry you are going through this. I know form your writing over the years how special your sister is.

    At the same time these days become precious treasures when they are filled with love and gentle talk.

    I hope you stay as healthy as possible. Tell Toni and Michael to worry less and make sure you eat and drink as healthy as possible.



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