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Thursday, February 2, 2012

1st & 2nd Feb - Wed & Thu


First of Feb already, it's just gone so fast this year sigh.  And all summer so far has been mostly wet and nothing like our "normal" summers at all.

Quiet day today, just spending time with kid, playing games, watching movies.

Toni and I did go out and pay a deposit to the Home Mods & Renovation (for disabled) guys from Our Lady of Consolation who will be doing some work in our bathroom for me.  Specifially widening the shower, lowering the hob from 20 " down to around 5" (going to be BIG difference for me getting in and out of the shower, at moment with the size of my legs, I can't lift them up that high to step over)

Plus they're putting in a handheld shower hose that slides up and down long pole (great for my son who is over 6ft so can slide it right up high) and great for me to have held held shower head.

Also they having to redo the shower floor, plus new tiles where they're extending it to the window.

We're also getting new shower tri fold doors put in as well.

Unfortunately the tiles won't match the rest of the bathroom which is a horrid old yellow / sandy colour but that's fine LOL :)  I'm just so happy to get a shower that will be massively easier for me to get in and out of and to use AND fits my shower chair too.  Our current shower was just the basic small square shape, not much room at all plus really high old fashioned hob that you had to step up and over to get in.

I'm also getting the bathroom door swung the other way, again allowing more room directly towards the shower, so the door will open up against the bath.

Of course, if I could have afforded it, I would have loved to strip the bathroom and start again with no bath, smaller vanity, some cupboards, big big shower, but I'm really happy to have this opportunity to even just get the little done that we are..

Last time I was in hospital I was visited by an OT (occupational therapist) who was able to point me in the direction of these Home Mods & Reno for disabled and elderly people which is run by the Our Lady of Consolation group. 

I am able to pay 10% of the whole renovation price then the balance monthly for the next 12 months which is fantastic, as the job is over $2600 a fair hit for me being on disability pension.

Oh we're also getting a "smart" door for the toilet too (our toilet is separate from the bathroom) - this means it's a "bi" door snigger as I call it LOL it swings both ways.. hehehehe

Yep, makes it so much easier for me to be able to get in and shut the door as the way it is right now opening inwards, I can't on bad days get in and shut the door as my legs are just too big and lately that's most of the time, so it's embarrasing not being able to shut the door BUT when it will now open outwards, and I just walk in and shut it behind me, bliss :)

What else? Oh yes they're putting in some rubber wedges leading into the door on the floor in the hallway to the bathroom and toilet as the carpet is a fair bit lower than the edge of the toilet and bathroom floors in the doorway, which means again, on bad days I was hitting my toes as I tried to lift the legs to step in.

Sigh, reading back it sounds so depressing with the stupid legs BUT hey I'm getting a really cool shower installed and can't wait :)

Friday (3rd) they're coming to take the door and do their thing to it to make it smart LOL

Then 20th Feb they'll start the actual bathroom - woot, an early birthday present LOL :)


Hasn't stopped raining all day, miserable and it stinks, so humid, terrible actually today, so stayed in bed most of it, just felt "off" and didn't want that to turn into anything.

I also dropped down to 2 tabs 4 times daily of antibiotics too as my stomach has been upset the last week and I really have had enough of antibiotics!

I didn't make it to the gym today either, again, just blah which isn't like me.


  1. Sounds like it's all happening at your place! Maybe you could ask how much it would cost to tile the whole floor instead of just a bit. It might work out to be a lot cheaper than if you had to do it later on [for resale value etc]

  2. I did ask them but because it's a home mod service they provide to help disabled people to be safer and help them in their homes they can only do what is minimum to allow peoPle to stay in their homes so only what is absolutely necessary is provided

  3. Your bathroom reno's sound like just what you need... how awesome you can pay it off.

  4. Yay the renovations are happening :)

  5. wow, the reno's sound awesome.


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