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Friday, February 3, 2012

Previous weight: 190.8 kg | 419.76 lb

Current weight: 190.8 kg | 419.76 lb
Lost / Gained: -0.0 kg | -0.0 lb

2012 weight loss: +0.2 kg | +0.44 lb
Total overall loss: -42.4 kg | -93.28 lb

Well, nothing lost, nothing gained, stayed the same. Hmmm.

Stopped taking antibiotics today, last one was 2 am Fri morning and that's it, zip no more antibiotics till next time LOL :)

But still on 1 tab of Iron, Vit D and Thyroxine plus of course my Seretide for my asthma, but apart from that, ZILCH :) finally!

Today it just rained .. and rained .. and rained .. well, you get the picture, it rained.. a lot!

The guys came and took the toilet door away today, hopefully will get it installed on Mon, meanwhile Michael tacked a doona cover on the door frame to give some privacy and it works really well thank goodness LOL

They also switched the bathroom door too so it now opens from left to right inwards.. does that make sense?  Door handle is on left side and you push the door in.. hmm

Tonight Toni went to a Game store in Penrith that was running a card magic game she plays?  not sure of the name, Magic the gathering or something?  Anyway, a whole lot of people go and play this game and she had a ball, was scared to go at first on her own (Michael was supposed to go but chickened out LOL but he did take her and picked her up) but after he saw how much fun she had, I think he's thinking of going next week, so yippee, I'll have the house to myself.

Actually I just sat back and watched The Sound of Music tonight for nostalgia, sigh love that movie!

Ok, tired now, so going to head off to bed and read myself to sleep LOL :)

Night all :)

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