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Saturday, January 7, 2012

7th Jan - Sat

Daily Tracking

Daily Pts Used: 40/60
Weekly Pts Used: 00/49
Exercise Pts: 6

Friday's Post - Weigh In results

I have linked to yesterday's post that I wrote just before this and back dated LOL - I explain in there why.

Now for Sat

Thryoid tab taken - done

Breakfast - done
Lunch - done
Afternoon snack - done
Dinner - done
Supper - done

Exercise - 30 mins weights
Water -

Beautiful day here already, blue skies, cool wind, gorgeous sunshine, actually gorgeous sunrise this morning and I am feeling more positive.. (thanks Jackie for the txts "yelling" yesterday :)

And to all my supportive friends on the "lots to lose" FB group, thank you too, without being able to be myself and "talk" there, I'd be lost.

So on the agenda today, as above have breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner and supper or as close to that if possible, rest in afternoon with legs up, some form of exercise and drinks lots of water - doable?  I think so, it's just one more day :)

Back later throughout the day with updates.

Breakfast was scrambled eggs on toast I made myself (proud of it actually as it's really hard for me to even stand for few secs let alone reach up to microwave etc that up high (head high when I'm standing up) but I put the swivel chair in the middle of kitchen and just stood sat stood sat etc LOL :)

I also did 30 mins weight before breakfast which I am glad I did as it has gotten so hot as the day goes on.

Lunch was 1 piece of my Zucchini slice

Afternoon tea was 1 tub Wild Strawberry yoghurt

Dinner was fish & oven baked wedges, sour cream light and sweet chilli sauce

Supper was pikelets (I made myself tonight LOL burned my arm though reaching up to frypan) with WW strawberry jam spread & light aerosol whipped creme - 21 pikelets @ 1 pt per one (without anything on top)

Zucchini Slice Recipe
Serves 6

1 Cup Zucchini grated
1 Cup Carrot Grated
1 Med onion Chopped
1 Cup Mushrooms
3 Eggs
1/2 Cup S.R. Flour
75 g Low Fat Cheese Grated
1 PKT WW Bacon or Similar

  1. Preheat oven to 190o
  2. Spray Quiche Dish
  3. Mix Eggs, Cheese & Flour
  4. Add other Ingredients
  5. Mix and Pour into Quiche Dish
  6. Cook for about 35-40 minutes..till it browns on top



  1. Lucky you - raining here again...... :(

  2. Hi Anne.

    I lost touch with you for a while.

    Good to see you are working away in spite of so many disappointments. Giving up is not an acceptable choice and I know not one you will ever make.

    Wishing you many wonderful things for 2012 especially better health.

    I follow this Blog http://lorettasjourney.blogspot.com/

    and find Loretta very friendly and wise. I wonder if some of the things she writes about would encourage you.


  3. Good work!

    Got a recipe for that zuchhinni slice? :o)

  4. Thanks for the recipe! How do you think it would work with wholemeal flour?

  5. Should work fine with wholemeal flour, I might try it too :)



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