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Friday, January 6, 2012

6th Jan - Fri - Weigh Day

Daily Tracking

Daily Pts Used: 71/60
Weekly Pts Used: 11/49
Exercise Pts: 4

Previous weight: 190.6 kg | 419.35 lb
Current weight: 192.9 kg | 424.38 lb
Lost / Gained: +2.3 kg | +5.06 lb

2012 weight loss: +2.3 kg | +5.06 lb
Total overall loss: -40.3 kg | -88.66 lb

This is a hard post to write - in fact I'm writing it early Sat morning but I'll post it with yesterday's date (Friday)

I gained 2.3 kg this week, yep first week in 2012 and I already gained even though I "felt" like I had lost and I had tracked over Xmas / New Year and last week, so I haven't even got that guilty satisfaction of knowing that I had over indulged and "deserved" the gain..

So I felt frustrated, angry, upset, pissed at myself, worried about going upwards in numbers (that dreaded 200 is always looming there)

Yes there are circumstances.. being on antibiotics still since before Xmas from my last attack, only now am I eating again after being sick, getting used to all my new tablets incl thyroid - having to adjust to having that first thing in morning then waiting 1 hr before the rest of the tablets and food (it's hard when I'm lucky if I get 4 hrs sleep in a row, so it's not like going to bed at night and when waking after 6-8 hrs sleep in the morning get up take tablets etc... I have to wing it in regards to timing etc.

And that brings me to another problem I know isn't helping in the weight loss dept and that's having breakfast / lunches / snacks etc.  I just haven't been doing that since before Xmas and I can't get back in that routine for some reason, I am just not hungry until early evening.

So I know I have some things to work on and even today (Sat) I went to bed at 2.20 am and back up again at 6.15 am sigh - but I have taken my thyroid tablet already so I am ready to do breakfast today :) 

On that note though, I'm closing the post now and starting the "real" Sat one LOL

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