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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

3rd Jan - Tue

Daily Tracking

Daily Pts: 49/60
Weekly Pts: 49/49
Exercise Pts: 6

Hot, hot, hot here today and had to be the day we were returning to Curves Gym for our first 2012 workout LOL - sigh well, we went in the afternoon and it was fantastic - Mel really works me hard while Toni goes round and does her circuit twice.  I meanwhile am sitting in the middle in the wheelchair and Mel puts me through my paces with the dumbells, 30 secs on and 30 secs resting and so on for the whole time Toni is doing her circuit.

It's brutal, hot, tiring and I'm loving it :)

We're hoping to go back again on Thursday afternoon late if I have no side effects from today.

Unfortunately once Tafe goes back in Feb, we have to organise different times to attend gym as Toni will be attending 5 days a week - so we're going to experiment in Jan different times and see how it goes, of course the heat will play a big part as it takes such a toll out of you without even getting to the gym.

Tracking well again today, still haven't done a full healthy & filling day yet on the WW plan but I am just taking it one day at a time at the moment getting well again before I focus on things too much.

So how has everyone else been today in this dreadful heat or are you lucky enough to live somewhere where it's been nice and cool?

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