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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

4th Jan - Wed

Daily Tracking

Daily Pts: 58/60
Weekly Pts: 49/49
Exercise Pts:

Oh boy it certainly is hot today, up to 35 degrees and counting AND it's so hard to breathe, the air is just so heavy, but hopefully a thunderstorm will cool things down later today (crosses fingers)

Nothing much else to report today, we are all staying indoors with air cond on full and relaxing lol.

Back later today / tonight with updates for tracking - still not trying the healthy filling day yet - have to do my shopping after Thur before I can do that I think.

PM Update

Ahhh the cool change came through, well, a smallish one that is LOL still better than nothing, though. where's my storm?????

Tomorrow hopefully gym in the late afternoon, so far feeling great :)

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  1. I'm glad you got the cool change, my niece talks about that thing. We don't get cool changes here like you do.
    I don't think I could survive if our temperatures got over 30!
    Though your heat is different from ours I'm told?

    You must have got out of bed darn early today (Thursday)!
    There is NO WAY I could water down me diet coke... gawd it would taste awful!
    What an idea!
    Have a good day Anne.


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