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Monday, January 2, 2012

2nd Jan - Mon

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Hot today here in Sydney, got up to 30 degrees today and of course much hotter actually out in the sunshine, but about 3.00 pm Toni and I went outside and started filling the dogs seashell with water and I got the bright idea to sit in my chair next to it and put both my feet inside the seashell and paddle LOL :) was bliss!!! Oh I had put on sunscreen and wore sunglasses and wasn't out there too long bout 1/2 hr I think in total, but I need the Vit D plus the uplifting in morale that sunshine gives me, I love my sun :)

Tomorrow will be 32 and Wednesday supposeably 35 degrees before a thunderstorm (can't wait LOL)

Tomorrow too Toni and I are hoping to go to Curves for our first 2012 workout - can't wait for that either :)

Last night felt a little strange with extreme pain on the front of my thigh on left leg but after massaging it for a while it seemed to loosen up and then I was busting for the loo, so we think I might have had a pocket of lymphatic fluid trapped which finally released (thank god, the pain was pretty intense and Endone didn't do a thing)

Back later tonight with update

PM Update

No real update to do actually apart from hot hot hot LOL and I"m on track... so roll on tomorrow :)


  1. I used to paddle in the kids paddle pool too. It was bliss.
    Now I have the spa pool turned down to only 28 degrees, it's lovely and cool.
    We don't get such high temperatures here, but the humidity more than makes up for it!

    I hope you continue to enjoy your days dipping your toes in cool water.

  2. I didn't know you live in Sydney. [actualy i think you told me once, come to think of it] I'll have to remember that when i'm over that way next! [till i forget again in 5 minutes]
    I bought a web cam on eBay. Just waiting for it to arrive :o)

    New year, fresh start! <3


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