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Sunday, January 1, 2012

1st Jan - Sunday

SW: 233.2 kg | 513.04 lb
CW: 190.6 kg | 419.32 lb
Loss: -42.6 kg | -93.72 lb

SW for 2012: 190.6 kg | 419.32 lb

So there we have it... 190.6 kg end of 2011 - start of 2012

I will be following WW ProPoints again this year, 60 daily points with 49 weekly points.  But I want to try the Filling & Healthy Day plan at least once if not twice a week, just getting my head around how to follow it LOL - printed out the plan and it looks doable for me, so we'll see how it goes.

Still on antibiotics 4 tab 4 times a day plus my thyroid, iron and Vit D tablets as well, going for bloods in fortnight time to monitor and if it shows no infection present, then I'll come off the antibiotics, but this time we're going to keep going until there is no infection present.

Legs are not so bad atm even with the increased hot weather we're suddenly experiencing, how rude of Summer to finally kick in ? LOL  But I am resting a lot with legs up either in the recliner out lounge room or in bed (I have a hospital bed which is fantastic as it has head, leg and knee raise capabilities which such a blessing plus when I lie on my stomach to sleep, I have my legs raised up on my boomerang pillow so my feet / ankles are suspended in air LOL and believe me that really helps with draining lymphatic fluid more than if I was sitting up in bed with legs raised, weird I know!

Someone asked me what my goals were for 2012?  And apart from the obvious (lose weight, become healthier / fitter) I also have the goal of being able to wrap legs properly to help with the lymphoedema - at present, the clinic says it's too hard to wrap and told me to come back when I had lost more weight, so ok there it is again, the weight limiting what I can do for my body / legs sigh.

Sick of the vicious circle though, lose weight, exercise, but need to lose weight TO exercise and exercise TO lose weight - tough but I am determined to do it this year, slowly with acceptance of my limitations and slowly increase what I can do in very small increments - I mean, any step forwards is a good step regardless if it's just a shuffle right? :)

Ok, back tonight with updates of measurements and photos plus today's tracking info.

PM Update

Measurements 1-Jan
Bust (with crop top) 63.5
Waist 59.5
Hips 67.5
Neck 17
R.Arm 24.5
R.Wrist 8
R.Ankle 11.5
R.Thigh (1/2 between knee & groin) 40.5

Daily Tracking

Daily Pts: 59/60
Weekly Pts: 49/49
Exercise Pts:


  1. Happy New Year Anne..

    I am following the simply filling plan and I am loving it. Still trying to get my head around it all myself, but I am enjoying it...and loosing weight on it too !!

  2. Sometimes something as little as a foot dip can be absolute bliss!


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