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Friday, January 27, 2012

27th Jan - Fri - Weigh Day

Previous weight: 190.3 kg | 418.66 lb
Current weight: 190.8 kg | 419.76 lb
Lost / Gained: +0.5 kg | +1.1 lb

2012 weight loss: +0.2 kg | +0.44 lb
Total overall loss: -42.4 kg | -93.28 lb
A small gain of 500 grams - I'm happy about that, sounds strange I know but with everything going on the last couple weeks, being sick, hospital, antibiotics, stress etc, to have a big loss last week of 3.5 kg, to "only" have a gain this week of 500 grams is pretty good I think anyway LOL

Speaking of antibiotics, I was pretty sick with stomach cramps, going to loo often etc last night and ended up putting myself to bed to try and sleep it off and I woke up this morning realising I had missed 2 of my doses for Clindamycin which was a little worrying.  But I have decided to keep taking them for now, but dropping the dose down to 3 instead of 4 tabs each time and gradually wean myself off them and see what happens.

I have to come off them anyway soon cause of the risks of getting Clostridium difficile-associated diarrhea which is very common apparently with people taking Clindamycin and it doesn't sound very pleasant at all and takes a long time to recover from, so after my little bout last night..

Hopefully back to gym on Mon - woohoo I have missed going so much.  But I have been continuing with my weights at home trying to keep myself active which has been a good help.

Tracking 100%
Points 100%
Exercise 100%
Water - well I'm working on it LOL

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