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Thursday, January 26, 2012

26th Jan - Thu - Australia Day

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Happy Australia Day to all and sundry :)  Here at least in Sydney it was fine for most of the day which helped dry up some of the major puddles flooding our back and front patios.  Poor dogs were trying to find a dry spot LOL as for the cat, well, he hardly went outside.

Did 30 mins of light weights morning and afternoon and it felt great - loved just shaking those Zumba sticks LOL kids can tell when I'm exercising - might not sound like much but after 20 mins of constant arm work they sure start feeling heavy.  Hopefully soon I can go back to normal weights.

The bruising on my arms are slowly going down thank God, I looked like I had been bashed over and over, not a pretty sight.  So once they're gone I'm going to increase my weights again.

Going to sit down for dinner shortly with the kids and watch some movies tonight, love this time with them, all too soon Toni will be back at Tafe and I will be as well.  Sigh!

Back later tonight to update tracker info.

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