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Friday, January 20, 2012

20th Jan - Fri - Weigh Day

Previous weight: 193.8 kg | 426.36 lb
Current weight: 190.3 kg | 418.66 lb
Lost / Gained: -3.5 kg | -7.7 lb

2012 weight loss: -0.3 kg | -0.66 lb
Total overall loss: -42.9 kg | -94.38 lb

Tired, very glad I have my painkillers have to admit as I am in so much pain from the legs AND from all the bruising coming out, I can't even use my right wrist properly (they put canula in the vein at bottom of my hand leading into the wrist but had to go very deep and angled to get it good enough to be useful for canula than just taking blood) but I know these will all go in time, just right now OUCHIE :)

Tom came too with a vengenance thanks to blood thinners :( but again, had to be sometime I guess, maybe all the extra fluids helped who knows, but he's here to stay for while I think LOL

Weight wise was a major surprise, but not jumping up and down yet, see how it is next week and so on so keep doing the same thing once I'm well and able to go back to gym then start again at hydrotherapy as the doctors think it's the best thing I can be doing for my legs even if just walking, so hydro for bottom half, gym for top half, Weight Watchers for my food and Internet for my mental LOL hehehehe.

Family is having pizza for dinner tonight - celebrating me being home again and having special dinner for friend of mine who's been staying with me (caravan out back yard) but he's heading back to Melb on Mon :( sigh oh well.

Only allowed on computer for 15 mins at time and I'm nearly all up, so hugs to everyone, thank you so much for all your support on here and FB.

Ohh before I go 1millionkilochallenge is running for people to join and sign up with teams etc and the kids and I have formed a team and would love to have people join us.  More explanations etc are on the site (sorry I'm still a little out of things atm)

Our team's name is "Losing to Live"

Ok, I'm out of here (Toni is glaring at me telling me time is up LOL)


  1. Good to have you home again.

    Hoping for faster than usual recovery.


  2. must be nice to be home---just keep going--one minute at a time....take care and thanks for having the courage to post your life.

  3. Great loss there... and glad to see you are at home, now you just need to behave :)

  4. I'm glad you are home too, I hope you get well again soon and that the loss today sticks, but of course, the biggest thing is your health. Take care and we are thinking of you. Penny xo


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