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Saturday, January 21, 2012

21st Jan - Sat

Daily Tracking

Daily Pts Used: 48/59
Weekly Pts Used: 00/49
Exercise Pts: 4

Dropped down to 59 points daily now after my big loss on Friday - sigh oh well, might be going back to 60 next week if this swelling doesn't subside soon.

Still resting, nothing exciting, enjoying the peace and quiet haha Toni has gone to her boyfriend's place for the weekend as it's their anniversay and they're going out to celebrate then she's staying the night at his parent's house and coming back home Sun evening.

Miss her :(

My guy goes back to Melb on Mon :( after 6 weeks here, going to miss him too double :( :(

Nothing much to report, cept on track, did little exercise, still got tom, still on antibiotics, had to have couple endone, Michae's fine, dogs are fine, cat is fine, I am bored LOL

There :) a complete rundown of my life at present :)

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