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Thursday, January 19, 2012

19th Jan - Thu

Released from hospital early evening to Home care - basically same as hospital regular ops, medication, bed rest until I go back Mon morning to see the doctors again for results and check up, then we'll discuss what they want to do in future..

Very tired, lot of pain, leg now very red and swollen, fever thankfully broken, but they've put me on lots of painkillers and panadein and back up on massive clindamycin 4 times a day again (I was supposed to go home on IV but my veins just were too battered this time to keep a canula in) so we're testing how I go on oral

Black and blue arms where they kept trying to get canulas in, they ended up popping quite a few veins which is extremely painful and of course I bruise easily so voila massive areas.

Top it all off, the blood thinners they put me on seems to have started time of month off too which I hate getting while I'm sick and immobilised like this.. grrrrr plus they pumped me full of fluid from the time I got in till I left and I feel like michelin man now all bloated and swollen from finger tips to toes... weird feeling cause normally I swell from excess lymphatic fluid and not normal fluid so this feeling of bloatiness is very different and I'm not passing it anywhere quick enough - they did admit they might have overdone it, but I was so dehydrated when I went in they had no choice - oh well, what has to be was done.

OK, limited on sitting up / computer again 15 mins or so, then back to bed, so I'm off till tomorrow (weigh day regardless.. sigh)

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