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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Last day of 2011 - Sat

Last day of 2011 - it's been a turbulent year, filled with unfortunately more lows than highs, but I am still here.. fighting away, just maybe a little more weary, but I am looking forward to 2012 - new beginnings, new hopes, new dreams, new ambitions.

Healthwise I am going into the new year with a few more problems than before, but that's ok, I needed to get my body sorted from the inside out and that starts with identifying problems such as extremely low iron, Vit B12, Vit D and an underactive thyroid and hopefully now that I'm taking medication and injections for these, maybe my body will finally find a balance and start repairing itself again, still, I am giving it my best shot this time round, no skipping medication, no burying my head in the sand.

I am still on antibiotics too from the last attack of cellulitis just before Christmas, but that too is ok as I seem to always have a lingering infection as my last lot of bloods showed, so this time we're going to keep taking them till the blood tests come back showing no infection, maybe then I can have a break from the almost monthly cellulitis attacks which believe me have absolutely worn me out emotionally and physically.

Weight well, the end of the year sees me with a gain to report but not a massively large one which I am very thankful for.

I will be weighing in officially tomorrow, 1st day of 2012 and then weekly after that on Fridays. I will be following the Weight Watchers plan still and I am hoping to attend Curves Gym at least twice weekly (of course depending on my legs as to whether or not I can go that often) plus weights at home plus the Wii programs.

I will be back on 1st day of 2012 with an update on how I am approaching my life differently which includes my weight, my lymphoedema and my mobility issues and all that entails (such as getting out of the house more, socially & mentally active)

So, to my old friend 2011, good bye, farewell and thank you for teaching me more about myself and I hope to put into practice all I have learnt going into 2012.


  1. Yes to 2012, am feeling a bit better went out for a drive and David and I talked about the possibility of coming to Sydney for about 10 days to 14 days March, April 2013. We think we can afford it and we will spend the full time at Sydney as there is still so much we want to see....... So that is about 15 months away, time enough for me to lose some weight again so I can fit in the seats..... And something for both of us to look forward too :)

  2. anne 2012 is going to be a better year for all , love your new mantra :)

  3. Happy New Year Anne...better health and lots of happy times for you are my wishes for you in 2012. xx

  4. I hope 2012 is everything we want it to be mate.
    All the best.


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