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Sunday, January 15, 2012

15th Jan - Sun

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Very quiet day today, we just had a mini rainstorm here nothing dramatic but it did cool things down a little.

Didn't make it to the doctor's for results today, will have to wait now till Tuesday as she's away tomorrow, oh well, I'll be staying on the antibiotics until then.

Just extremely tired and in pain today, but rested up, read a lot and kept falling asleep, so all in all a "nothing much happened" type of day.

I guess too I just took the time to rethink some things in respect to certain friendships that I have struggled to make sense of lately and I am happy and resigned to some decisions I have made.  I actually am looking forward to moving on from a certain person (I know it's cryptic, but I can't explain right now) - roll on 23rd Jan :)

Food wise today, very basic stuff, nutrigrain for breakfast, yoghurt for lunch, lamb forequarter and roasted vegetables & steamed vegies for dinner, basic but just what I need


  1. A little cooler here today, still hot but not the scorcher it was yesterday thankfully.
    Sweet & sour prawns on brown rice tonight, very yummo & filling.

  2. :), not to far to wait. And only 1 year, 3 months and 4 days till the trip lol.


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