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Saturday, January 14, 2012

14th Jan - Sat

Daily Tracking

Daily Pts Used: 62/60
Weekly Pts Used: 02/49
Exercise Pts:

After fasting all night, Michael and I went up and had our blood tests today and I had another fantastic lady do mine who had no problems at all getting a vein and filling all the vials.. sigh, why does the hospital label me as a difficult patient she doesn't know LOL

Results hopefully late tomorrow afternoon or Tue (doctor is away on Mon)

Had a pretty lousy night with pain with the leg so have been taking painkillers again regularly and just resting all today up till now (5.30 pm) - am spending a little time sitting up doing some computer work then dinner and back resting again - boring sad life I know.

Points wise on track again today, with nutrigrain 30 grams for breakfast (after test), lunch was 2 rolls w/ marg & vegemite (1 roll before sleep and another one when I got up).

Dinner tonight is hopefully home made hamburgers - will update afterwards.

Yep, home made hamburgers - patties were Coles Lamb w/ mint, egg, pineapple thin slices, light cheese, eggs and WW bacon, very filling and very nice :)

Apple pie with custard for dessert (Toni's boyfriend was here for dinner and loves his apple pie LOL)

I ended up using 2 of my weekly 49 points so that wasn't too bad at all.

No exercise today but I'm more concerned with limiting damage to my leg while hopefully the excess lymphatic fluid finally drains away easing the pain.

But on the whole, another day to do it all again tomorrow - I love life :) regardless lol


  1. yummo to the home made hamburgers.

  2. they were really nice even the kids loved them :)

  3. Hamburgers look fab.... :)

  4. I am drooling looking at your burgers.
    And apple pie... OMG I would kill for pie.
    But I am finally on the right track to getting rid of me weight and feel great.
    I hope that pesky leg has drained and you are feeling a bit more comfortable now.

  5. Sometimes clearing your head can bring about so many changes that having a "nothing" day really doesn't amount to nothing at all!


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