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Friday, January 13, 2012

13th Jan - Fri

Previous weight: 192.9 kg | 424.38 lb
Current weight: 193.8 kg | 426.36 lb
Lost / Gained: +0.9 kg | +1.98 lb

2012 weight loss: +3.2 kg | +7.04 lb
Total overall loss: -39.4 kg | -86.68 lb

Went up to the doctors today for my Vit B12 injection plus get the forms for blood tests that I'll have tomorrow, this is an intermediate blood test to see if I have any infections still inside and depending on that result we'll work out a management plan with continuing antibiotics but in lower doses

I'm also being tested for diabetes again as I am concerned about my son who has had a nasty looking sore on the front of his leg that isn't open but just looks nasty as well as that leg being more swollen than the other.. and yeah I did think maybe lymphoedema as well for him as it can be hereditary but he was borderline diabetic a while back and was in denial about it, so Toni and I said if he went to the doctors and got tested, we'd do it too just to rule it out.

So Toni was lucky, she just got the "prick" test and was fine, but my doctor wanted me and Michael to have the fasting blood test (sigh) so tomorrow we're up and early back up to get blood taken and hopefully results on Sunday.

But when I got home this afternoon my left leg was double in size around the knee (up to thigh and down to calf) full of fluid and I felt like I was being squeezed in two or someone was doing a chinese burn on my leg, so popped one Endone (pain killer) and then another as it just got worse and I was in tears - weighed in quickly and popped myself off to bed to try and sleep the pain away.

4 hrs later and pain is moderate atm but the fluid is still there and I will have another Endone before bed in couple hours.

Going to have some late dinner before fasting for tomorrow.

I hate lymphoedema with all my heart .. it's just so soul destroying I tell you..

Anyway, I am up 900 grams which I am very ok with as I know the leg is holding on to a lot more fluid.

But in good news, this week I have again gone to gym 2 days, so so far this year, I have been able to go 2 days per week for a fortnight, which is fantastic :) and I have over the weekend to rest up the leg and hopefully be back to "normal" ready for gym again on Mon.

Michael is going to take me to the hydrotherapy pools on either Tue or Wed which will be great too, can't wait :)

Anyway, I'm off to rest and watch movies with Toni and later read books till I can fall asleep LOL

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  1. So.. how did the fasting tests go?
    I hope you are both ok and don't have diabetes. Stew has type 2 which doesn't affect his life much... for now anyway.


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