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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Looking forward to turning 50


This is the year I turn 50.

I'm grateful and blessed to have made it this far as when I was a baby, my parents when they were in processes of adopting me were told to "pick another child, this one has so many medical problems as my birth mother was thought to have had German measles while pregnant with me (turns out to be true) and there were very high risks that I would have either or all of these symptoms, deafness (check), blindness (check), weak respiratory system (asthma - check), Eczema (check), brain / mental issues (none so far though my kids would argue that lol)

So here I am today, on the eve of my birthday, feeling a whole gamut of emotions.  Remembering my sister who tragically passed away a week short of her 50th birthday 3 years ago, knowing how she fought for one more day makes me determined to take control of my life back and learn to live it to the fullest in spite of all my physical, emotional and financial difficulties.

And of course as most of you know, I have had over the past months been struggling with my middle child, my son D and for now, I'm going to leave that there for another post.

Today, I'm just glad to be back here blogging again, grateful to my kids for being so supportive and pushing me to open the blog back up and do what I love most, write.

But there will be changes, the blog is more about incorporating all aspects of my life, not just focussing on one part like before which was the weight loss.  Now I've finally accepted that for me, it's about learning to make all the different parts of me meld together and help me become a better version of myself, living life each day to the best of my ability and to accept with graciousness the setbacks and limits that my disabilities cause me every single day.

So, my blog will be about me and my life, from 50 beyond.

Weight loss, healthier eating habits, recipes, my health, disabilities, exercises, links, inspirational quotes, stories, family news, photos are just all part of where I'm leading my blog to be, all the different parts making up one whole of me!

I'd love to have join me on this discovery of my life, from 50 beyond

Found this on the web, fantastic explanation & so spot on!!!


  1. yay…happy to see you back, have missed you.

    And HAPPY BIRTHDAY for tomorrow

  2. Happy Birthday to you, hope today is awesome for you, relax and enjoy - and love that you are back blogging :)

  3. Hope you had a great birthday and I'm glad your back blogging

  4. Hi Anne.

    Great to see you blogging again. Love your refreshed attitude.

    Welcome to the 50+ life and trust you had a happy Birthday.


  5. Happy (er, belated) 50th Anne. Welcome to the grey-haired but great brigade and here's to a super year :-)

  6. Wow, all I can say is wow! I just read your entire blog over the past couple of days. You are such an inspiration. I hope you continue to post often. I really feel as if you are a friend now. It is a few months since your birthday post, but I hope you had a great 50th, and many more.

    Betsey in Chicago, USA

  7. Frig... shows how often I actually read blogs now eh? So many of my fav blogs stopped blogging, so I stopped looking. Good to see you back mate.


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