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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

19th Feb - weight results

Start: 233.2 kg | 513.04 lb

Was: 195.1 kg | 429.2 lb

Now: 198.0 kg | 435.6 lb

Loss: +2.9 kg | +6.4 lb

Total losses: -35.2 kg | -77.4 lb

Losses for 2014: -7.4 kg | -16.3 lb


Legs feel great and light even with a gain this week I'm not too disheartened, ok a little bit but I have to remember, I've had some really big losses over the past few weeks and to gain 2.9 kg is pretty tame in the overall scheme of things.

So on to new week with some challenges coming up ie my birthday lol.

Plus our new stove has arrived at the store and is all paid for as of today and will be installed on Friday - woohoo, can't wait!

Tomorrow apparently I have an appointment at home with Hearing Australia, news to me, but ok whatever, they were supposed to turn up months ago but kept cancelling on me, now at least I know they're turning up thanks to a phone call today, so even then they couldn't tell me if morning or afternoon, geez thanks.

Rain rain and more rain but where the heck is / are these promised thunderstorms eh?  BRING ME MY THUNDERSTORMS lol sigh.

Ok, since no gym today due to extreme wet weather, I must compensate somehow here at home, maybe some dumbell exercises watching MKR, but then again, some of the contestants make me want to throw something at the screen so maybe not?  LOL :)

On for the new week :)

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