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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Weight Results Jan 22nd

Start: 233.2 kg | 513.04 lb
Was: 206.7 kg | 454.74 lb
Now: 198.5 kg | 436.7 lb
Loss: -8.2 kg | 18.0 lb

Total losses: 34.7 kg | 76.3 lb

Losses for 2014: -6.9 kg | -15.2 lb


Worried that this isn't a true weight loss as I only managed an average over four days of 666 cals cause I stressed myself out about a situation that I always knew would be happening in the future but I got a wake up call that it could be a lot sooner than I thought and I just completely broke down last weekend.

Don't worry it's nothing bad, in fact it's a natural situation that I know is good and right but it means a major adjustment for me and the kids and that's what I'm having an incredibly hard time with right now.

So I'm just trying to focus on eating healthily even it's it's only small until such time I'm ready and dealing better with future changes in our lives.

So till then, I'm still here, still on track, still going to gym (like today) and just focusing on toughening up emotionally, mentally and physically.


  1. OMG! Under 200 is just amazing! You are awesome Anne! Keep your chin up and keep doing what you are you are doing!

  2. Well done Anne…keep that smile happening xx

  3. big hugs Anne, sorry I haven't been in blogland for a bit, trying to focus on just getting through, feels like things are lightening and good to see you are still getting on with getting on ... go girlfriend!!


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