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Thursday, January 2, 2014

First day back at gym for 2014

I'm not sure if I mentioned this on the blog or not but I had another episode of back / leg spasms starting morning of 27th Dec which was the night my family was coming down for Xmas dinner plus I had invited Toni's boyfriend Paul and his mum and dad too as I actually hadn't met them yet, so thought this would be perfect with all my family around to meet them too. 

(On side note, my mother actually was very upset with me for having invited them and made sure I knew that, plus she wasn't happy about coming down anyway even though she didn't have to drive as my brother in law was bringing her, but she was going through her phase of telling her friends and church family that the wrong daughter had died, Lynne had so much more to offer than I and had achieved so much, it wasn't fair that it was her, not me and so on, so as you can understand, I was pretty hurt by that plus the fact she didn't care enough to want to meet her granddaughter's prospective in laws either, anyway I digress)

The lymphoedema flares up at times not with cellulitis but with what they think is tiny clots or blockages where all the crappy toxins trying to get out of my body gets blocked and presses on nerves that then shoot incredible pain through my back, side and down my right leg as well as weakening the leg to where I couldn't put any weight on it at all and of course, it chose today to flare up again even worse than normal

So I had to be doped up the highest I have had since my last hospital admittance which did help with the night but I have been paying for it ever since, it normally can take up to 14 days for the pain to lessen and I regain what normal use of the leg I have.

Anyway, I was feeling better today hence me going to Curves gym tonight just for a gentle workout and now I'm back in bed resting hoping that I don't pay for it tomorrow

Looks like we are changing our gym days to Weds at 6:00 pm so that will be interesting :)

Ok pain meds are kicking in so might try and get couple hours sleep, night all :)


  1. That's sux about your mum Anne they can be very strange at times.... Hope the night went well anyway and meeting the in-laws was ok. Bugga about your flair up hope you are feeling a bit better now...big hugs comming your way

  2. Most of us say stupid things sometimes ut you seem to receive more than your fair share..

    Hang on tight to what God says about you. You are beautiful, desirable and He loves you beyond your imagination.

    Glad you got to the gym but please don't set yourself back by over-doing thing. Hoping you are having a good day.


  3. Ohhh sorry to hear about the flair up, hope the evening turned out to be a great night for you all.

    Hugs x

  4. Your mother is not a nice person!
    It's a week since this post, so hopefully your pain has lessened again.


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