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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Thur 7th Feb 2013

Went to hospital at 2:00 am this morning with extreme high temps, chills, redness and swelling of the right leg, burning and very intense pain.  

All this started at around 1:30 am and rapidly worsened so I was admitted to hospital for one dose IV antibiotics then bout 8:30 am I was discharged to home on condition I return to the urgent care review clinic on Fri 9:39 am and the they'll decide if I need to be re admitted or stay at home under further care

They've increased my antibiotics strength to 4 tabs (600 mg) plus 2 tab endone, 2 tab panadol every 4 hours so to say I'm nicely doped up is an understatement

Cross fingers that the next 24 hrs show marked improvement which will allow me to continue treatment at home.

Ok :) on to the photo of the day.  Today's word was "your name" and that was pretty easy, my sister had given me this gorgeous picture that was about an explanation of my name

Due for tabs now and hopefully I can get some sleep inbetween, back tomorrow with hopefully some good news.

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