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Friday, February 8, 2013

Fri 8th Feb 2013

Went the the Urgent Review Clinic this morning and long story short, I can stay at home on proviso I obey some rules in respect to going back to hospital if certain things / symptoms present, plus the hospital had stuffed up on Thu morning when they discharged me, they (3 ppl confirmed the same mistake stupid ppl), they specifically told me all my medication was to be 4 hourly not my usual 6 hourly which apparently as I was told today, big major mistake, anyway, mow on 6 hrly for Clindamycin, endone and panadol

Also the course is now 14 days for my antibiotics.

While I was at the hospital waiting, it clicked with me something orange was the photo of the day challenge and here I was sitting in front of yucky but its orange walls, so here it is :)

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