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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Friday 8th Dec - Weigh Day

Fri 8th Dec

Original Weight:
233.2 kg (2010)
Last week's Weight: 206.8 kg
Current Weight: 206.0 kg
Weekly Weight loss: -0.8 kg
Overall loss: -27.2 kg

Still sick with whatever this is, it's not the usual cellulitis that attacks my right leg, this is the left one and just above the knee where there is usually a slight bulge, is massively swollen and has now become bigger than my left leg, new skin is stretching to hold all this fluid and that is the most painful feeling ever, harder to walk as I have to relearn how to balance my legs

No amount of resting or legs up have made this fluid move so if I'm still like this on Mon, I will go back to the Dr's and beg for help as I haven't been in so much pain even while taking strong doses Painkillers every 4 hours as I am right now.

Yes, I prob should go to hospital, but again, I'll see what happens over the weekend (stubborn I know)

BUT I had a loss regardless this week so that is good.

Toni ended up going to gym this week on her own as I wasn't up for it and apparently she had a great time LOL :)

Ok, rest time for me, catch you all later


  1. Anne with all this fluid causing problems and adding to your overall weight is there any possibility of having a body scan to discover how much is fat. You keep losing weight and surely much of the excess is from fluid. If your doctors could SEE that you have lost a lot of fat off your body you just might get more sympathetic treatment.

    I don't want to bang on about this and I've no idea how much you are eating of anything but I must mention this book again. Wheat Belly by Dr. William Davis. If you have not already eliminated wheat from your diet what if it is the hidden cause of all the inflammation? The testimonies to the damage wheat can do are mind boggling, not to mention convincing.

    Love to you and family. And just in case I don't get to send this message closer to Christmas I'm wishing you a good one. Hope all goes well with your preparations for having family at your home.


  2. Hope your're feeling better Anne...


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